Wireless Interfacing between Bluetooth and Long Range RF (1100 meter) link to PC

Wireless Interfacing between Bluetooth and Long Range RF (1100 meter) link to PC 

The application of this
is to used as in biometric system, RFID system, Punching card, Wireless Camera,
Data logging system
etc in high security area. 

Long Range RF Module (1100 meter)

When the authenticate
person try to authenticate using above security application then it is read by
the node and the corresponding byte will be send to the master node that is placed
in in control room. Master node is connected to system via Bluetooth link. 

Bluetooth Module

 In the same fashion all other slave nodes will be directed towards the master node. All the nodes are linked simultaneously one by one to the master node. XBee link is for the long distance transmission and Bluetooth link is for the short distance transmission.