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Projects List for Final year Submission (B.Tech & Polytechnic Students)

Projects List for Final year Submission (B.Tech & Polytechnic Students)

Hey Engineering & Diploma students,
Schematics Microelectronics upload the Major & Minor Projects ( & for polytechnic with this update. feel free to contact us for your live project, & any suggestion.

We invite to all the ‪students‬ of all ‪colleges‬ to come & ‪develop‬ your projects self at our ‪SME‬ ‪‎lab‬All the projects is developed in either zero size PCB or Designed PCB, Students will self handle the software & hardware working skills in SME Lab.
These projects are based on ARM processorAtmel AVR Microcontrollers (AtMega8ATMega16Atmel AVR, ) & Arduino Boards ( ‪ATmega168‬ATmega328AtMega2560). Get in touch to get update for your ‪final‬‪ projects‬.

Branches‬ invited:

Electronics & Communication Engineering., Electrical & ElectronicsEngineeringElectrical EngineeringELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING(ECE)Electronics and Communication engineeringComputer ScienceBE / B.Tech IT engineering / BE / B.Tech computer engineering jobsMechanical EngineeringMechatronics & Robotics.



gsm (
gsm (
  • GSM based LPG leakage control surveillance

  • GSM based fire detection and control surveillance

  • GSM based LPG & fire detection and surveillance control

  • GSM + Keypad +RFID based military grade security system

  • GSM based vehicle tracking system

  • GSM based notice board

  • GSM based heartbeat monitoring system

  • GSM based appliance control

  • GSM based Energy meter with tampering alert

  • Automatic Measurement and Reporting System of Water Quality Based on GSM

  • Accident Identifier with Auto Dialing Option

  • Safe Driving Using Mobile Phone

  • GSM based Solar fencing system

  • GSM based school children security system

  • GSM based instantaneous vehicle registration details 

  • Extraction system very useful for Traffic police

  • Remote electrical billing using GSM modem

  • SMS based home appliances control

  • SMS based voting machine

  • SMS based DC/ Stepper motor control

  • SMS based home security system

  • SMS based anti theft system for Laptop/ vehicle

  • Interfacing of GSM mobile to PC to send the message

  • SMS based wireless robot

  • SMS controlled vehicle ignition system for safety


GPS Tracking System- (
GPS Tracking System- (
  • RFID based security system

  • RFID based identity card system

  • RFID +keypad based security system

  • RFID based attendance system with PC

  • RFID based blind navigation system with voice alert system

  • Construction of Central Control Unit for Irrigation water pumps. Cost effective method to control entire villager’s water pumps with user level authentication. Illiterate’s friendly system.

  • RFID based Ticket booking system

  • RFID Card based security access control systems.

  • RFID based digital library system and alerts

  • RFID based Highway toll collection

  • RFID based Shopping trolley

  • RFID based employee login system and identification display on PC.

  • RFID based automatic car parking system.

  • RFID based medical information system

  • RFID warehouse robot

  • RFID-Based Material Tracking Information System

  • RFID based ATM machine

  • RFID based Energy meter with recharge option

  • RFID based animal identification device for dairy forms

  • RFID based metro train prototype

  • RFID based automatic car parking

  • RFID based banking system

  • RFID based ration card


Heart Beat Monitoring System
Heart Beat Monitoring System
  • Finger print based Student attendance system

  • LPG Gas sensor based application system

  • Dual Security Access control system Using Finger Print and

  • Keypad for Bank Locker

  • Fire alarm system

  • Intelligent human being sensing system

  • Line flower robot

  • Obstacle based industrial application

  • Industrial Smoke alarm system

  • Temperature control AC fan speed control

  • Temperature based industrial automation control system

  • Water tank alarm system

  • A Microcontroller based Multi Function Solar Tracking System

  • Automatic Detection of Human and Energy Saving Based on Zigbee Communication

  • Design And Development of a Hand-Glove Controlled Wheel Chair (Wired)

  • Fingerprint Based Multi-Server Authentication System for highly secured areas

  • Development of system to avoid human intrusion in restricted areas

  • Development of a system to test Irrigation scheduling process

  • Development of automatic system to control water level for wide Agriculture area.

  • Development an energy saving scheme with Visitor counter & intensity controlling of AC Bulb

  • Design of a Medical Monitoring System for continuous monitoring of patients.

  • Design of a Heart Beat Monitoring System for patients.

  • Fingerprint based Employee Attendance Management System for Corporate

  • Accelerometer controlled ROBOT (Wired)

  • A Microcontroller based Multi Function Solar Tracking System

  • LPG monitoring system for oil and gas industries

  • Development Of Academic Attendance Monitoring System Using Fingerprint Identification

  • Tilt Measurement Unit Using Accelerometer

  • Real time hardware design on Application of Smart Parking System and its Technology

  • A Low Cost GPRS based Wireless Home Security System

  • Fingerprint Based Multi-Server Authentication System for highly secured areas

  • Voltage and current monitoring of Solar panels through ATMEGA 32 Industrial MCU

  • Human Tracking System using GPS.

  • A Low Cost GSM based Wireless Home Security System

  • Vehicle monitoring & Tracking System using GPS for safety & management


Wireless LED Message Moving Display
Wireless LED Message Moving Display
  • Real time hardware design of PLCC (Power line carrier communication) to transmit message in AC power line

  • Microcontroller based Wireless matchbox with digital lantern.

  • Accident identification project using RF.

  • Employee login and logout details with displayed on PC based on RF.

  • Wireless Industrial Temperature monitoring system using IRDA

  • Appliance control using Rx/Tx 433

  • Digital Lock System ZegBee Transceiver

  • Wireless data transmission using ZegBee in W/N network

  • Checking & Auto Control Water Level Using Wireless Sensor.

  • Wireless 3 Phase Motor Starter using RF Technology with feedback indicators.

  • Wireless energy meter data logging system

  • Speed checker on highway using RF module

  • Home automation using ZegBee

  • Automatic Car Parking System using Tx/ Rx

  • Wireless Land Sliding Detection

  • A 2.4-Ghz Energy-Efficient Transmitter for Wireless Medical Applications.

  • A Forest Fire Monitoring System Based On ZigBee Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Wireless data equitation system using IRDA

  • Development of a system to wirelessly test Irrigation scheduling process

  • Bidirectional Medication Support System for Medical Staff and Home Care Patients

  • Design And Development of a wireless Hand-Glove Controlled Wheel Chair

  • Development an energy saving scheme with Wireless intensity controlling of AC Bulb

  • Development of a digital system for wirelessly checking soil moisture

  • Development of wireless weather station using IEEE 802.15.4 LAN standard protocol

  • Finding of missing object based on RF technology.


NEC Remote control syste
NEC Remote control syste
  • NEC/ RC5 protocol based fan speed control

  • NEC/ RC5 protocol based wireless bot

  • NEC/ RC5 protocol based light Automation

  • NEC/ RC5 protocol based appliances control

  • NEC/ RC5 protocol based intensity control of AC Bulb



Obstacle Robot
Obstacle Robot

  • Computer control robot

  • War robot

  • Gesture controlled robot

  • Robo-hand

  • Line flower robot

  • Mobile control robot

  • Remote operated robot

  • Obstacle avoider robot

  • Human robot

  • Joystick control robot

  • Robotics Arm

  • Voice controlled robot

  • Fire detector Robot

  • Alcohol Detector Robot

  • Wall follower Robot

  • Mobile controlled robot for gathering real time sensory data & many more


RS-232 Controlled System
RS-232 Controlled System
  • Computer control robots with camera

  • Computer control Industrial automation

  • Computer controlled security System

  • Computer control Industrial motor

  • Computer control Robotics arm.


  • GPS based vehicle tracking system

  • Automatic ambulance rescue system

  • Creating Innovation with Systems Integration –Road and

  • Vehicle Integrated Electric Transportation System

  • GPS based sensitive area locator

  • GPS based station name display and door control

  • GPS based train location tracking system

  • Military persons training system that monitors the speed at which they move and records the calculated traveled distance with the time.

  • Human travel location tracking system by using GPS.

  • GPS based station name announcement and display system for Trains/buses.

  • GPS based border alert system for fishermen with boat speedometer.

  • Automated bus-stop alert for passengers using GPS.



  • MATLAB GUI controlled Home/Industrial Automation

  • Heart beat signal monitoring on PC using MATLAB.

  • Solar Panel voltage information on PC with graph using MATLAB

  • Energy Meter using MATLAB.

  • Industrial stepper motor control using MATLAB.

  • Real Time Data Processing using MATLAB

  • LPG monitoring System

  • Power Distribution system




  • Voice to Text translator in Airlines/Hospital assistant system for Blind/Illiterates.

  • Speech recognition based password enabled device switching for blind and physically Challenged.

  • Voice commands based wheel chair for physically challenged.

  • Voice activated multi-purpose robot

  • Speech recognition system based powered devices control System




  • A multi agent multi sensor based security system for intelligent building

  • Automatic LDR based window blind control system

  • Solar Tracking Street Light System

  • Call Based Home Appliance Controller

  • DTMF controlled soil-moisture sensor.

  • Safety implementation for 3-phase irrigation motor using Soil-moisture sensor

  • Density Traffic Controlling using IR module

  • Temperature monitoring system with controlling fan appliances

  • Traffic Control using 2.4 Ghz Transceiver Module

  • WSN based appliances control in Industry

  • DTMF based appliances control.

  • DTMF based Fan speed control


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How to patent your idea’s

How to patent your idea’s

 What Does We Help?

 Do you have a brilliant idea you’re ready to patent? Getting an Indian patent prevents others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling your idea within the India, and prevents others from importing it into the India. After you determine that your idea meets the right criteria and hasn’t already been patented, apply for a patent with the Indian Patent and Trademark Office. Read on to learn more about how to patent your bright idea.

SME- How to patents


We will help you all the way on your ideas. 

What is Patent?

A patent is a legal document proof that is dully granted to the first who file for a patent on a particular invention by the Government. It allows them to exclude others from making, using or selling the invention that is described in the patent for a period of twenty years from the date that they first filed the application.

 How to Patent an idea with a provisional patent application.  Do you have any innovative idea and want to register, so that nobody will steal it or beat you in marketplace?  The process of registration or filing a provisional patent application is known as Patents. Your first step will protect your new invention, even before you tell your idea to friends or investors, you have to file that patent.

 So if your invention has potential then the idea to patent an idea should be on your mind.


Steps to Patent an Idea:


Step 1: Look about your idea

First of all, you have to look more about your ideas, is it not register before? So determine whether your idea is new, good & innovative. Your idea is eligible is eligible for patents or not? Conduct a patent search to ensure that your idea isn’t already registered/ patented. Spend a few hours doing a good search for patents that are related to your idea.

In order to get a valid patent, you have to describe in detail to the patent exactly how to make and use your invention.


Step 2: Prepare your application

Download the application for register your patent. According to the format, you have to manage the data & information of your application. You should include figures or drawings showing what your invention looks like.  If your idea is for a new software process, than your figures will be a flow chart showing each step of the process.  When creating your figures, make sure to label each key feature of your invention.  The goal of your patent application should be to create a technical description of how to make and use your invention.  This is not a marketing piece of business plan so go easy on the market and business information and focus on technical details.  Patents and patent applications are published online so don’t include any business secrets or strategies in your patent application.  Write a detailed & diagrammatic description of your idea. This is the most important that what strategy you use to file the patent.

Step 3: Applying for a Patent 

 After completing your application, go to the patent site, register for electronic filing to your country patent site. Prepare your application attachments with detailed description. Wait for your authorization code and reference number & Wait for your application to be approved or rejected.


What Does We Help?

Write to us for your patent ideas. 

We are happy to help you. We provide the patent services to new innovator, new generation (any company/ industry) to become them entrepreneur for lighten to our country India. We are happy to help other for their future.

If anyone wishes to attempt to patent an idea, we help them in all the way, from just idea to paper application, suggestion, filing application, submission program, authority for patents & authority latter of your innovative idea.


We will help you all the way on your ideas. send us your queries here. 

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