Premnagar Dehradun Uttrakhand India



  • GSM based LPG leakage control surveillance

  • GSM based fire detection and control surveillance

  • GSM based LPG & fire detection and surveillance control

  • GSM + Keypad + RFID based military grade security system

  • GSM based vehicle tracking system

  • GSM based notice board

  • GSM based heartbeat monitoring system

  • GSM based appliance control

  • GSM based Energy meter with tampering alert

  • Automatic Measurement and Reporting System of Water Quality Based on GSM

  • Accident Identifier with Auto Dialing Option

  • Safe Driving Using Mobile Phone

  • GSM based Solar fencing system

  • GSM based school children security system

  • GSM based instantaneous vehicle registration details 

  • Extraction system very useful for Traffic police

  • Remote electrical billing using GSM modem

  • SMS based home appliances control

  • SMS based voting machine

  • SMS based DC/ Stepper motor control

  • SMS based home security system

  • SMS based anti theft system for Laptop/ vehicle

  • Interfacing of GSM mobile to PC to send the message

  • SMS based wireless robot

  • SMS controlled vehicle ignition system for safety

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