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Month: February 2017

Your Problem, Our Solution

How to start with ATmel AVR Studio 4- step by step

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestTumblrPrint To getting start with Atmel Studio 4, you have to install AVR Gcc & ATmel AVR Stduio 4…   AVR Studio 4:  AVR studio professional is most commonly used software to program the AVR Microcontrollers due to its ease to use. It support Embedded C Language.   Coding & debugging in a high level language (like c/…
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LED Glow using ATmega32 – step by step

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestTumblrPrint Figure shows the circuit diagram of the model in which LED is used for glow a LED. One led is connected to C0 pin of PORTC, using 330 Ohm of register. how to calculate register value to glow an led? we use given formula to calculate the register value:: R=5V/10mA= 320 Ohm or 330…
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