About us

Since 2007, SME has always been a Rapid Wireless Embedded Design & Development company with a strong ability to produce. Building on its highly R&D experience, SME has started in 2011 its first contract Design Services to serve the production needs of third party.
SME makes available to its customers to its long experience in the world of Embedded Design & Development industrial production and the strategies

SME- Mission

What we provides to Industries

SME employs a team of 12 engineers with expertise in Wireless & Sensor Embedded Design & Developments, Programming, PLC Industrial Automation. It has a well-equipped laboratory and equipment to support an in-house design effort.

  • Industrial Technical Project Consultancy
  • Rapid Prototype Development
  • Research & Development Services
  • Patents Consultancy
  • Workshops & Tech Fest
  • Journals & Publications

What we provides to Students

 Recognizing the importance and value of our Educational Customers (planning, building, running and enhancing), SME offers the following incentives to make your teaching a little bit easier:

  • Custom Kits, boards on reliable price.
  • We accept Bidding Opportunities for Discounted Pricing by contract agreement.
  • Technical Support Available from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM (CST).
  • Dedicated Educational Customer Service Representatives.
  • Purchase Orders are welcomed.
  • Credit Cards/Procurement Cards/ Netbanking  are accepted.
  • Project “ARJUN” Terms are extended to Most Schools, Diploma, Engineering colleges & universities.

Our Mission:

Our goal is to create the next generation of (Technology) Engineers in India who are more practical in their outlook by providing most comprehensive and fulfilling serviced. We are providing Industrial Education Training, Projects and Skill Development for growing engineers and Industries. We have small R&D LAB for Developing new Products and Technology. Moving on new Technology Development based on Embedded System, Robotics, Automation and Energy Resource.

SME has Automated R&D lab is equipped with PLC Automation, ATmel ATMEGA Microcontroller kits, Arduino Boards, ARM Processor kits, USB Programmers, Simulation Software, AVR studio and with all accessories to help conduct interfacing and hardware related experiments. We have designed customized kits to suit our requirements.

Corporate Office Location