IOT- Internet Of Things

Training on ESP8266 Development Board CH340 NodeMCU with live hardware. Details are given below.

Course modules 

  • Introduction to the Internet of Things & Embedded System
  • Installing ESPlorer IDE and how it works
  • The Arduino Platform & C Programming
  • Interfacing with Arduino
  • Establishing a serial communication with the ESP8266
  • Flashing the ESP8266 with NodeMCU firmware
  • Interacting with the ESP8266 GPIOs
  • Creating a web server & hotspot
  • Accessing your web server 
  • Building of Local Web Server using ESP8266
  • Displaying temperature in web pages
  • Email notification using ESP
  • Host on Live Web Site
  • Live Projects on IOT

Fee: 11,500/- Onwords. Fee can varies, as per selected course