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SME provides training & courses in the field of ROBOTICS. Its including operating of motor drives, ICs, torque calculations, different level of drivers, different motors includes Geared, gear-less, stepper motors, servo motors, BLDC motors, mechanical structures, gears, automated system, sensors operation on robotics, devices, fields generations etc. The Course includes with using with AVR Series Microcontroller (mega & xmega), Arduino Boards, TI Launchpad & ARM Processors. 


Summer Training in ROBOT

 Robotics includes:
  • Introduction to Robotics and aim of its design.
  • Different section of ROBOT.
  • Introduction To different types of DC & stepper motors used in robotics, their working and driver circuit designing.
  • Introduction to IR sensor, accelerometer sensor and their application in robotics design.
  • Selection of Microcontroller as central control unit of ROBOT. Interfacing of motors, sensors with microcontroller and programming.
  • Introduction, Design and development of different categories of robots like :
    • Line Follower robot
    • war robot
    • JCB robot
    • wall follower robot
    • obstacle avoider robot
    • computer controlled robot
    • DTMF robot
    • Gesture controlled robot
    • Wireless robot
    • Zigbee robot
    • XBee remote operated robot
    • Edge Detector Robot
    • Network Guided Robots
    • Swarm Robots
    • Matel Detector Robot
    • Survillance Robot
    • Computer Operated Robot
    • Wireless Video capture robot
    • & many more
 Students Training
War Robot

Obstacle Detector Robot

Obstacle Detector Robot

Edge Detector Robot

Edge Detector Robot (Table Robo)

Fee Details: 

  • Basic Module: 10,500/-. 
  • Course duration: 4-8 week,
  • Availability of Classes 
    1. Week days- Tuesday to Friday 1.5 hr
    2. Weekends- Saturday & Sunday. 2.5 to 3 hr

After that depend on which robotics your consider to proceed with: 

  1. Manual Operated Robotics- Wired
  2. Semi-autonomous Robotics- Wireless with Remote operated
  3. Autonomous Robotics- sensor based auto calibrated 
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