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Industrial Training Based on 8051, Atmel AVR Series (Mega & Xmega), Atmega8/ 16/ 32, Arduino & ARM Processor

Industrial Training Based on 8051, Atmel AVR Series (Mega & Xmega), Atmega8/ 16/ 32, Arduino & ARM Processor

SME offers special training programs for students, and other Industry person.  These training program, are specially customized, and tailor, made for person to person.

  •  Robotics & Embedded System with 8051, Atmel AVR Series (Mega & XMega), Arduino  & ARM. 
  • Sensor network (Matel, Moisture, Soil Moisture, LPG, Alcohol, Motion, MIC, Biometric,Potentiometer, Accelerometer/ MIMS (2 Axis / 3 Axis) etc.), Heart Beat, Temperature, Fire & Alarming Sensor etc.
  • Wireless (GSM, Bluetooth, RF Module (433 / 2.4 GHz), RFID, Wi-Fi, Zig-Bee,Bluetooth, IRDA, XBee, NEC Protoco, RC5 Protocol. 
  • Special Training on PCB Design. 
  • Proteus ISIS Professional / Lab view/ AVR Studio Professional software. 
  • Project Oriented Class.
100% Hand-on Practical Training Program.

  •  Introduction to Embedded system and present & future of embedded system.

Introduction to Microcontroller Unit (MCU) & Embedded Processors, Overview of the MCU Family,  Criteria of choosing MCU & Difference  between them etc.
  • MCU Atmega 8, 16, 32, 8051, 8535 Architecture and simulator
Study of MCU  Architecture, Programming & Simulation in Embedded C, Bus design used for program & Data Memory, Instruction Set and complexity, General purpose registers, Program counter & Program ROM space in the area, RISC Architecture in AVR, Various and register & memory with AVR Studio Professional.
  • Study  & Interfacing of I/O Devices
Interfacing of LEDs, Interfacing of L293D to DC motor, Interfacing of stepper motor, Interfacing of seven segment display, Interfacing of MAX323 to serial communication, LCD interfacing, Switches interfacing, Sensors Unit   interfacing displays, DIP Switch, Matrix Keyboard, LCD & Keyboard Interfacing,  ADC, DAC & Sensor Interfacing, Delay, Optoisolator & Stepper motor interfacing, PWM Programming
& DC motor control, SPI Practical & MAX 7221 / 232 Display interfacing, TWI between Controllers, Serial Interfacing with PC, Hardware circuit Description for interfacing of various I/O Devices With MCU.
  • AVR Programming interface with MCU
Data times & Time delays in C, I/O programming in C, Logical operator / operation programming, Data serialization, Memory Allocation, Hex file & Hex function, Timer / Counter programming, Interrupt programming, Port Programming, I2C Protocol Programming, SPI Protocol & DS1307 SRTC (Serial Real Time Clock) Interfacing Programming etc. using AVR Studio Professional.
  • ASIC, SPI  & I2C Protocol.
Complete Description of inter integrated circuit (I2C), I2C & DS 1621 (Serial temperature Readers), SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) Protocols, SPI Protocol & MAX 7221 display Interface, SPI Protocol & DS1307 Interfacing, Timer / Counter, Interrupt programming, Port Programming, I2C Protocol
Interfacing, USB Port etc.
  • Introduction of Real time Operating system (RTOS)/ Counter
Introduction of OS, Kemels, Device and RTOS, task, states, Process, inter process communication semaphore, Scheduling Algorithms, OS1307 (serial Real time Clock) etc.


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