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Basic Embedded Technology with AVR

This Course includes Interfacing of all basic components (given below) with AVR Series Microcontroller (ATmega8/ ATmega16/ Amega32) or with Arduino. It includes sound knowledge about input output, pull & push registers, PORTs, PINs, DDRs, Pull & Push registers with practically implementation on Zero size PCB. Participators will design interfacing board themselves to work at our lab. 

Live Project Solution

Multi-utility Board with LCD Display Projection

Basic Embedded Technology includes: 

1-     Light Emitting Diode (LED)

2-     Liquid Crystal Display (16×2 LCD)

3-     DC Motor (L293D Driver IC)

4-     Seven Segment (Common Cathode/ Common Anode)

5-     Switch (DPDT/ DPST/ Sliding Switch)

6-     DC Relay

7-     Regulator/Diode/Capacitor

8-     Transistor (NPN/ PNP)

9-     Power Supply (5V/ 12V)

 Eligibility Criteria:

Participant must have knowledge about Turbo ‘C’. Knowledge about resistors, transistors, relay, power supply, would make advantages.

Course fee: – For AVR MCU- 6500/-. For Arduino- 8500/-, For ARM- 10,500/-,

* Certificate will be provided after completion of the course.

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