Premnagar Dehradun Uttrakhand India

Electrical Engg

Electrical Projects for Engineering Students. These project are very innovative and based on recent technology. Students developed all the projects/ systems by their own her. If you feel any suggestion regarding Projects, feel free to contact usĀ 

  • GSM based substation monitoring & control system
  • Zigbee based solar powered fire detection & control system
  • Photovoltaic solar power generation with maximum power point tracking
  • Android based electrical appliances control system
  • DTMF based electrical appliances control system
  • PLC & SCADA based traffic control system
  • Automatic room light control using IRĀ sensor
  • Home automation using arduino/ AVR microcontroller
  • Smart Card based prepaid energy meter,
  • Energy meter billing system over internet
  • Wireless 3 phase monitoring system,
  • Wireless power transfer
  • Wireless controlling of AC appliances to reduce power consumption
  • DC to DC boster for solar panel
  • 2 axis solar tracking system
  • Utilization of solar energy for irrigation system using water-pumping system
  • Configurable password security system
  • Load control using DTMF
  • Monthly electricity billing display with bill sms feature
  • Underground cable fault distance conveyed over GSM
  • Underground cable fault distance conveyed over zigbee
  • Underground cable fault distance conveyed over internet
  • AVR microcontroller/Arduino based DC motor speed control system
  • The temperature humidity monitoring system of soil based on wireless sensor network.
  • Automatic temperature controlled fan speed control system
  • Zigbee based automatic meter reading system
  • Prepaid energy meter with GSM interface
  • Solar powered highway-lightening system with auto controlling in day
  • LDR based intensity power saver for street light
  • Message transmission over AC lines
  • Dish positioning system using RF remote
  • DC motor speed control system suing RF Remote
  • Voice control home automation system


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