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IOT- Internet of Things based project list

IoT- Internet of Things based

project list

Schematics Microelectronics provides facility to students to come & develop their Major & Minor Projects by themselves.

  • IOT Color Based Product Sorting Machine Project
  • IOT Garbage Monitoring With Weight Sensing
  • IOT Smart Energy Grid
  • IOT Asset tracking System
  • IOT Based ICU Patient Monitoring System
  • Biometric Attendance System Over IOT
  • IOT Gas Pipe Leakage Detector Insect Robot
  • IOT Irrigation Monitoring & Controller System
  • IOT Electronic Door Opener
  • IOT Home Automation Using nodemcu esp8266 wifi module
  • IOT Alcohol & Health Monitoring System
  • IOT Liquid Level Monitoring System
  • IOT Garbage Monitoring System
  • IOT Based Home Automation
  • IOT Based Office Automation
  • IOT Based Industry Automation
  • IOT Weather Reporting System
  • IOT Based Antenna Positioning System
  • IOT Based Fire Department Alerting System
  • IOT Solar Power Monitoring System
  • IOT Streetlight Controller System
  • IOT Traffic Signal Monitoring & Controller System
  • IOT Industry Automation Using GPRS
  • IOT Underground Cable Fault Detector Project
  • IOT Air & Sound Pollution Monitoring System
  • Energy Meter Monitoring Over IOT
  • IOT Based Person/Wheelchair Fall Detection
  • IOT Patient Health Monitoring Project
  • IOT Heart Attack Detection & Heart Rate Monitor
  • IOT Based Toll Booth Manager System
  • IOT Theft Detection Using esp8266 wifi enabled smoke alarm,
  • WiFi Based Distributed IOT Home Automation,
  • smart lock,
  • Temperature monitoring using IOT ESP8266
  • Light Control using IOT
  • Robot Control using IOT,
  • IoT Healthcare Analytics: The Importance of Anomaly Detection
  • Effective ways to use Internet of Things in the field of medical and smart health care
  • A conceptual framework for IoT-based healthcare system using cloud computing
  • The Internet of Things in Healthcare: Potential Applications and Challenges
  • IoT based smart healthcare kit
  • Self-configuration and smart binding control on IoT applications


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