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IoT- Internet of Things Training



Training on ESP12e 8266 Series of Development Board Like NUTTYFI, NodeMCU, Customized IOT Boards etc with live interfacing with hardware. Details are given below.

Learn IoT with live hardware in just 4 weeks

About IoT- Internet of Things Training

This Training is a 4 week program with real time hardware platform using ESP8266 wifi, web applications, Mobile app interfacing, sensor data interfacing with live projects in IoT opensource Platforms, so that you will not bound on single platform.

This hand on training will give you the no only expertise knowledge beside that job ready platform as well.

  • This training will follow the following 
  • Poly house monitoring & data plotting on web.
  • Voice controlled home automation
  • Fire monitoring with live IoT Mobile Wedges
  • Live Temperature with Humidity monitoring on 
  • Sensor data  plotting with live web as well as Mobile LCD Wedgets. 
  • Mail Alert with smart sensor based trigger .  




Training Contents

  1. Getting Start with IoT
  • Introduction to the Internet of Things & Embedded System
  • Installing Arduino IDE and how it works
  • The Arduino IDE & C Programming
  • Introduction to NUTTYFI Cloud wifi device
  • NUTTYFI Cloud Board integration with Arduino IDE 
  • Start your first project LED Blink using NUTTYFI 

     2. Building of Local Web server

  • Introduction to Web Server
  • Building of Local Web Server using NUTTYFI
  • Creating a web server & connecting to Hotspot
  • Accessing your local web server 
  • Creating a button on web pages of local Web Server 
  • Accessing your local web pages via wifi hotsopt 



     3.  Interfacing of NUTTYFI  with IoT cloud Mobile App 

  • Introduction to Opensource IoT Mobile App
  • Installation & setup widgets of mobile app 
  • Installing of API with NUTTYFI cloud Program
  • Controlling of your first project using IoT Mobile App

    3.  Controlling of Devices using IoT cloud Mobile App 

  • Communication between IoT Mobile App & NUTTYFI
  • Controlling of Lights using IoT Mobile App
  • Live Sensor Data to Mobile
  • Transreceiving between Mobile App & NUTTYFI
  • Interfacing of different widget with NUTTYFI live hardware

Troubleshoot Desk Round: 

  • Testing of Sensor
  • Testing of Connection wires
  • Troubleshooting a IP address of local server
  • Testing of tracks routing


    3.  Interfacing of open Source Cloud Server with NUTTYFI Cloud Device

  • Introduction to Cloud Server
  • APIs & NUTTYFI interfacing
  • Communication between Cloud Server  & NUTTYFI
  • Temperature & Moisture data fatching to cloud Server's Channel
  • Live Sensor Data to Mobile
  • Fire Alert on cloud server channel 

Troubleshoot Desk Round: 

  • Creating of Channels
  • Testing of APIs
  • Troubleshooting a connectivity of sensor  
  • Testing of demo data to live cloud server


Fee- 12,500/- Onwords. Fee can varies, as per selected course


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