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PCB Circuit Design & Fabrication

PCB Circuit Design & Fabrication



  • Understanding design steps
  • Schematic Capture to PCB layout
  • Learning PCB design considerations and rules
  • Developing skills in PCB design
  • Component placement & routing
  • Fabricating PCB in Hardware




  • Introduction to PCB, Circuit & Designing
  • Introduction to Dip Trace Software
  • Schematic capture: hands-on exercises.
  • PCB Layout
  • Component Editor
  • Pattern Editor



  • Creating the Project
  • Creating schematic 
  • Schematic to PCB Conversion
  • Board Outlines
  • Adding Mounting Holes
  • Modifying Traces & nets
  • Auto & Manual Routing
  • Adding Copper Areas, Routing
  • Add Text & images to PCB
  • Export Gerber Files




  • Print preview of PCB
  • PCB Printing on Glossy paper
  • PCB heating Process
  • Printing Process for PCB
  • PCB Etching Process
  • Cleaning PCB
  • Drilling of Mounting & Soldering hole





Who should attend PCB Circuit Design Training?

This course takes you through the entire process of PCB design from Schematic drawing to PCB layout. It tells you about the information you should put into circuit diagram so that PCB design can take care of circuit performance & safety requirements. High-speed digital circuits, high gain, high impedance, frequency, current, voltage analog circuits, all call for specialized layout & grounding techniques to tackle signal integrity, and safety issues. This course shows you techniques of component placement & routing to meet circuit performance requirements.

Key Points

• Beginners starting a career in electronics design.
• Those who find PCB design capability as a job requirement.
• Electronics engineers, technicians wanting to include PCB design as part of their skill set
• Electronics Hobbyists, Engineering Students
• Those Connected with electronics production, management.

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