Premnagar Dehradun Uttrakhand India

Sensor Interfacing with TI Launchpad MSP430G2

Sensor Interfacing with TI Launchpad includes Interfacing of Sensors (Digital/ Analog) with TI Launchpad along with 16×2 LCD. It includes sound knowledge about ADC, Digital, converters, input output, pull & push registers with practically implementation.

Sensors with TI Launchpad  includes different type of digital & analog sensors like :

  1. Infrared (IR) Sensor  Module
  2. Temperature  Sensor (LM34/LM35) Module
  3. Bump Sensor Module
  4. Potentiometer Sensor Module
  5. Pyroelectric Infrared (PIR) Motion Sensor Module
  6. Sound Sensor Module
  7. Metal Detecting Sensor Module
  8. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Sensor / Fire Sensor Module
  9. Alcohol Gas Sensor Module
  10. Dimmer Module
  11. Accelerometer (3 axis/ 2 axis) /Tilt sensor Module


Course fee:  10, 500/-.

* Certificate will be provided after completion of the course.

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