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Thesis- M.Tech

List of M.Tech Thesis for Electronics & Electrical Engineering Departments

  1. Hearing aid system analysis for impaired people:

This projects describes the implementation of robust and user friendly hear aid system with noise cancellation techniques for impaired people.  The simulation is developed in the matlab programming language. The implementation of this system includes noise reduction filter frequency sharpening. This system is designed to adapt for mild and moderate hearing loss patients.


  1. Automatic speech recognition:

Voice recognition has become one of the most important tools of the modern generation and is widely used in various fields for various purposes.Voice recognition system performance is commonly specified in terms of speed and accuracy, recognition accuracy is the most important and straightforward measure of voice recognition performance. This research were proposed to review several voice algorithms in terms of detection accuracy and processing overhead and to identify the optimal voice recognition algorithm that can give the best trade-offs between processing cost (speed, power) and accuracy. Also, to implement and verify the chosen voice recognition algorithm using MATLAB.


  1. Controlling a device through voice recognition:

In this project, a voice activated devicewith intelligence is presented. The device is controlled with natural connected speech input. The language input allows a user to interact with the device in terms which are familiar to most. The advantages of speech activated devices are hands-free and fast data input operations. The proposed device is capable of understanding the meaning of natural language commands. After interpreting the voice commands a series of control data for performing a task are generated. Finally the device actually performs the task. Artificial Intelligence techniques are used to make the device understand voice commands and act in the desired mode.The project is designed to develop a feasibility model for activating a device using a low-cost speech recognition system. A microcontroller was programmed to provide user control over each command, as well as to prevent voice commands from being issued accidentally.


  1. Control of a mobile robot:

In this project, robot control is done with MATLAB. The robot is controlled with the customizedgraphical user interface (GUI) input. The input allows a user to interact with the robot in terms which user wants to. The proposed robot is capable of understanding the meaning of GUI commands.


  1. ECG Data Acquisition system using labview:

The main objective of this work is to develop a portable and cost effective data acquisition (DAQ) system for clinical applications. This DAQ consists of several modules such as power supply, analog to digital converter (ADC), amplifiers, isolators, filters and interfacing circuits. The complete data acquisition circuit has been developed using this system mainly aims to collect the ECG signals of frequency between 0.05 Hz and 113 Hz with desired gain. This frequency information from the ECG signal is highly useful clinical applications such as cardiovascular disease (CVD) detection. ECG signals will be collected from the subjects using 3 leads system and given to DAQ for recording the ECG signal.This DAQ interface is used to convert the input analog signal to digital signal output and to save the ECG data in the notebook using Labview software. This acquired signal from Labview software is used for further clinical investigation. We also developed a Graphical User Interface (GUI) in LabVIEW software to continuously monitor the ECG signal traces and to record the ECG data with higher precision.


  1. Real time monitoring of vital signs using wireless communication:

Recent wireless technology gives new possibilities for monitoring vital parameters like electrocardiogram (ECG), Blood Pressure (BP), Temperature, Respiration rate with portable system and still be under continuously monitoring and thereby to better quality of patient health care. This project describes the design of a wireless ECG portable systems used for remote monitoring of cardiac activity is one of the most important fields in telemedicine and telecare. ECG signals and Heart beats of all patients are recorded in a single computer then processed with a microcontroller. After processing, all data are sent to a communication interface that can send this information to a personal computer. This work covers the wireless telemedicine applications with the use of zigbee technology. This work is also included to implement various filters using LabVIEW software.


  1. Application of wireless sensor network in remote monitoring : water level, temperature and application in agriculture:

This project deals with the monitoring of physical parameters involved in a regular agriculture plantation, for example a tea-garden. Wireless Sensor Networks have previously been used for many purposes involving monitoring, and also for agriculture. Here, we have used the Wireless Sensor Network module, and the LabVIEW software for human-machine interface. The data collected on the field is sent to the base station, from where it is sent over local area network through the TCP/IP protocol.

  1. Personal lung function monitoring Devices for Asthama patients:

Asthma affects over 300 million people worldwide. Asthmatics experience difficulty in breathing and airflow obstruction caused by inflammation and constriction of the airways. Home monitoring of lung function is the preferred course of action to give physicians and asthma patients a chance to control the disease jointly. Thus, it is important to develop accurate and efficient asthma monitoring devices that are easy for patients to use.  We have proposed a user-friendly, accurate, and portable external mobile device accessory that collects respiratory flow information from patients after some breath maneuvers. We have also proposed a software application that records and stores the gathered test information and e-mails the results to a physician.


  1. Monitoring and controlling the combustion quality in thermal power plant boiler:

This project proposes the monitoring and controlling of combustion quality in thermal power plant. Several sensor nodes are deployed in the boiler to monitor the temperature and combustion parameter and transmitting the data wirelessly to the server. A graphical user interface was designed to monitor and control the process of the boiler.

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