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Wireless based Projects

Wireless based Projects is based on Atmel AVR Series Microcontrollers & based on Arduino board. Projects are developed by students/ Engineers/ Participator themselves with the help of SME Experts.

Wireless LED Message Moving Display

Wireless LED Message Moving Display

All the projects are developed in Designed PCB, Students will self handle the software & hardware working in SME Lab.

Wireless Based Projects is based on the application of following sensors:-

  • Communication between PC & Microcontroller using Terminal v1.9b

  • Wireless Camera

  • RC5 Protocol

  • GSM

  • RF (433 MHz)

  • RFID smart card

  • NEC Protocol

  • 802.15.4 IEEE standard Protocol based Wireless transceiver (Zigbee)

  • IRDA

  • Bluetooth

  • Xbee

  • PLCC

  • DTMF

  • & many more projects depend on the students

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GSM based security system

GSM based security system

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