About Us

Schematics Microelectronics is an industry specialized for A-Z R&D in the field of Internet of Things, Embedded Systems, Wireless Sensor Networks and robotics.

Standing Strong since 2007, SME has curated products starting from cute toys to bring a smile on the face to Military Assistance products for high sensitive supremacy on the battlefield.

Why SME?

With its skilled and experienced team, it has come a long way and has created its own brand identity from scratch among the top companies in the relevant field all over India.


Lately, it is also listed in Trade India’s list of verified sellers offering supreme quality product development and hardware/software projects consultancy services in the relevant areas.

Product Solutions

We provide extensive product development of IoT devices or IoT gadgets, Embedded Solutions, Design of Wireless Embedded Product, and Robotics Automation. Moreover we also provide a solution in a sector of Robotics Process Automation. We also a specialize consultant in Journals, Publications, and Patentations. Additionally, SME set up Summer and Winter Training programs, Summer and Winter Internship programs as well as Faculty Development Programs (FDPs).

R& D Solution

We provide complete software knowledge and give a chance to design your own hardware during these programs.

SME also provides Research & Development (R&D) solutions to Universities, Companies and Educational Institutes. We makes comfortable to our customers to its long experience in the world of Embedded Design, Industrial Product Development and strategies.

We help you design

The innovation that

You want

SME engage with a team of 10 members. They are recognized as Researchers, Academicians, Industrial Professionalists, and Engineers which are specialize in IoT, Wireless & Sensors Embedded Design & Developments, Programming, Hardware Design, etc. It also has a well-equipped research laboratory to support the industrial product design & development.

We provide support to startups, Industries and companies to manufacturing of products or enhancement/ add-on services & Devices old systems.

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