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Schematics Microelectronics Firm, based in Dehradun, is a leading Industry player specializing in end-to-end research and development of cutting-edge technologies such as Internet of Things, Embedded Systems, Wireless Sensor Networks, and Robotics. With over a decade of experience, SME has successfully delivered a wide range of products catering to diverse industries – from fun and interactive toys to sophisticated Military Assistance products designed to ensure high sensitive supremacy on the battlefield. At SME, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations, and our dedicated team of experts strives relentlessly to achieve the highest standards of quality and excellence.

Why SME?

  • Since 2007, Schematics Microelectronics has been a driving force in the world of IoT, Embedded Systems, Wireless Sensor Networks, and robotics. Our team’s passion for innovation has led us to create a wide range of products, from entertaining toys to game-changing military technologies. As one of the top companies in our field, we’ve earned a reputation for excellence that’s hard to match.
  • At SME, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of IoT, Embedded Systems, Wireless Sensor Networks, and robotics. With our team’s extensive knowledge and experience, we’ve been able to create innovative and high-quality products since 2007. From playful toys to advanced military solutions, we’re always looking for new challenges to tackle.
  • When it comes to innovation in IoT, Embedded Systems, Wireless Sensor Networks, and robotics, SME is the clear choice. We’ve built a reputation for excellence with our skilled and experienced team, and our products have become known for their quality and creativity. With our expertise, you can trust us to bring your ideas to life.



  • Schematics Microelectronics is the leading choice for cutting-edge R&D in IoT, Embedded Systems, Wireless Sensor Networks, and robotics. Our team’s expertise and dedication have fueled our success since 2007, and we’ve developed everything from fun toys to advanced military technologies.

Product Solutions

At SME Dehradun, we offer a wide range of product solutions for various industries. Our expertise lies in developing IoT devices, embedded solutions, wireless product designs, and robotics automation. We also offer specialized consulting services for patenting, publications, and journals. In addition to these, we conduct summer and winter training programs, internships, and faculty development programs (FDPs) to equip our clients with the latest skills and knowledge. At SME Dehradun, we strive to provide high-quality solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.

R& D Solution

At SME, we offer end-to-end research and development solutions that encompass both software and hardware. Our experienced team provides guidance on hardware design, and we equip our clients with a comprehensive understanding of software development during our programs.

We collaborate with universities, companies, and educational institutes to provide tailor-made R&D solutions that address their unique needs. With our extensive experience in embedded design and industrial product development, we assist our clients in developing effective strategies and solutions that help them stay ahead in the market.

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SME is backed by a dedicated team of 10 members who are experts in their respective fields, including researchers, academicians, industrial professionals, and engineers. Their areas of specialization include IoT, wireless & sensors embedded design & developments, programming, hardware design, and more. This diverse team allows us to offer comprehensive solutions to our clients.

Our team has access to a well-equipped research laboratory, which enables us to provide quality industrial product design & development services. This lab is equipped with the latest tools and technologies to ensure that we stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the industry.

We also offer support to startups, industries, and companies by providing manufacturing services for their products, as well as enhancement/add-on services for their existing systems. Our team of experts can help in identifying areas of improvement and implementing solutions to enhance the overall performance and efficiency of their systems.

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