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For your Embedded System & IoT Career

These books can assist you in your career in Embedded Systems and IoT, as well as aid in designing your project and developing a prototype for your product.

These books provide valuable guidance for implementing applications across diverse engineering and technological domains using Embedded Systems and IoT technology. If available, I would be happy to recommend some titles from my library that can support your learning journey in Embedded Systems. These books offer comprehensive programming examples and circuit designs, enabling you to establish a solid foundation in embedded systems. By studying these books, you can acquire the knowledge needed to undertake your own projects and develop your products. Investing in learning resources such as these books will empower you to become a proficient and skilled embedded systems developer.

Arduino-Based Embedded Systems

Simulation, Interfacing and Labview GUI

Internet of Things with Raspberry Pi and Arduino

Embedded System based on ATMEGA Microcontroller

Simulation, Interfacing and Projects

Getting Started for Internet of Things with Launch Pad and ESP8266

Arduino meets MATLAB: Interfacing, Programs and Simulink

Internet of Things in Automotive Industries and Road Safety

Internet of Things Enabled Automation in Agriculture

IoT based Projects

Realization with Raspberry Pi, NodeMCU and Arduino

IoT Enabled Smart Micro-Grid – Rapid Prototyping

Circuit, Program Code and Cloud Server

Internet of Things (IoT) Enabled Devices for Oil and Gas industries

IoT Enabled Fire Safety and Security Devices for Building

Wireless Methods and Devices for Home Automation

Internet of Things with 8051 and ESP8266

Wireless Methods and Devices to Control Mobile Robotics Platforms

Cookbook for Mobile Robotic Platform Control

With Internet of Things And Ti Launch Pad

Power Line Carrier Communication and Arduino based Automation


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