Patent Consultancy


Do you have a brilliant idea !

Are you ready to File patent?

If you want to protect your invention from being made, used, sold, or imported by others in India, you should consider applying for an Indian patent. To get started, you will need to ensure that your idea meets the patentability criteria and that it is not already patented. Once you have done this, you can file a patent application with the Indian Patent and Trademark Office. Keep reading for more information on how to successfully patent your idea

Criteria of patentability
What About

Your Idea ?

It should be novel
It should be capable of Industrial application
it must be non-obvious
It should have inventive step
Our Assistance to file patent
We have a dedicated team of experts who specialize in analyzing, reviewing, and finalizing drafts for

patents, copyrights, and designs.

Services Provided by us
  • Patent search and analysis
  • Patent application drafting and filing
  • Patent prosecution and examination
  • Patent portfolio management
  • Patent infringement analysis and litigation support
  • Patent licensing and assignment agreements
  • Patent validity and invalidity opinions
  • Freedom-to-operate analysis
  • Patent due diligence for mergers and acquisitions
  • Patent monitoring and watch services
  • Patent strategy and counseling
  • Patent renewal and maintenance
  • Patent translation services
  • Patent illustration and drawing services
  • Patent novelty search and analysis
  • Patent landscape analysis
  • Patent mining and harvesting
  • Patent valuation and monetization
  • Patent training and education
  • Patent consulting and advisory services