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Welcome to SME Blog. Here, you will get the tutorials of latest technologies including programming code, circuit diagram, hardware, library, etc related to post. 


If you want to make your own Arduino, then you are in the right post. We will show you how you can make your own Arduino Uno. 

We have done lots of research on it & its the conclusion of it. 

First of all, collect the following components so that when you start, then nothings will left behind. 

In this Lora Series of tutorials, we will try to make you understand, “How you can test & send data from Long range LoRa SX1278,”. Our all programs and hardware are well tested and equipped with latest firmware.

You can also contact us for your customization, definitely we will help you to design your project or product as per the industry standard.


Here, we will explain you, how you can send DHT11 sensor data to the All new blynk 2.0 cloud. 

So we need the following components to make this project-

  • NodeMCU/ NuttyFi Wifi Module
  • DHT11 Sensor
  • 3 female to female connecting wires

If you are new in Blynk2.0, then you are in the right post. in this post you will learn, how to start with All new Blynk2.0 with Web and Mobile Dashboard. 

Also, you will get to learn all the important topics about Blynk2.0