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Thesis & Project List

SME provides facility to latest Major & Minor Projects (, M.Tech & for polytechnic students to come & develop their projects by themselves at our place. We provides facility of PCB Designing (Printing, Heating, Itching, Drilling), Component mounting, Software Development, Sensor & Wireless Interfacing with Fuse bit writing, Baud rate, Frequency setting with proper classes.


Thesis M.Tech

"List of M.Tech Thesis for Electronics & Electrical Engineering Departments"

1. Hearing aid system analysis for impaired people:

This projects describes the implementation of robust and user friendly hear aid system with noise cancellation techniques for impaired people.  The simulation is developed in the matlab programming language. The implementation of this system includes noise reduction filter frequency sharpening. This system is designed to adapt for mild and moderate hearing loss patients.

2. Automatic speech recognition:

Voice recognition has become one of the most important tools of the modern generation and is widely used in various fields for various purposes.Voice recognition system performance is commonly specified in terms of speed and accuracy, recognition accuracy is the most important and straightforward measure of voice recognition performance. This research were proposed to review several voice algorithms in terms of detection accuracy and processing overhead and to identify the optimal voice recognition algorithm that can give the best trade-offs between processing cost (speed, power) and accuracy. Also, to implement and verify the chosen voice recognition algorithm using MATLAB.

3. Controlling a device through voice recognition

In this project, a voice activated device with intelligence is presented. The device is controlled with natural connected speech input. The language input allows a user to interact with the device in terms which are familiar to most. The advantages of speech activated devices are hands-free and fast data input operations. The proposed device is capable of understanding the meaning of natural language commands. After interpreting the voice commands a series of control data for performing a task are generated. Finally the device actually performs the task. Artificial Intelligence techniques are used to make the device understand voice commands and act in the desired mode.The project is designed to develop a feasibility model for activating a device using a low-cost speech recognition system. A microcontroller was programmed to provide user control over each command, as well as to prevent voice commands from being issued accidentally.

4. Control of a mobile robot

In this project, robot control is done with MATLAB. The robot is controlled with the customized graphical user interface (GUI) input. The input allows a user to interact with the robot in terms which user wants to. The proposed robot is capable of understanding the meaning of GUI commands.

5.  Monitoring and controlling the combustion quality in thermal power plant boiler

This project proposes the monitoring and controlling of combustion quality in thermal power plant. Several sensor nodes are deployed in the boiler to monitor the temperature and combustion parameter and transmitting the data wirelessly to the server. A graphical user interface was designed to monitor and control the process of the boiler.

6. Real time monitoring of vital signs using wireless communication

Recent wireless technology gives new possibilities for monitoring vital parameters like electrocardiogram (ECG), Blood Pressure (BP), Temperature, Respiration rate with portable system and still be under continuously monitoring and thereby to better quality of patient health care. This project describes the design of a wireless ECG portable systems used for remote monitoring of cardiac activity is one of the most important fields in telemedicine and telecare. ECG signals and Heart beats of all patients are recorded in a single computer then processed with a microcontroller. After processing, all data are sent to a communication interface that can send this information to a personal computer. This work covers the wireless telemedicine applications with the use of zigbee technology. This work is also included to implement various filters using LabVIEW software.

7. Application of wireless sensor network in remote monitoring : water level, temperature and application in agriculture

This project deals with the monitoring of physical parameters involved in a regular agriculture plantation, for example a tea-garden. Wireless Sensor Networks have previously been used for many purposes involving monitoring, and also for agriculture. Here, we have used the Wireless Sensor Network module, and the LabVIEW software for human-machine interface. The data collected on the field is sent to the base station, from where it is sent over local area network through the TCP/IP protocol.

8. Personal lung function monitoring Devices for Asthama patients

Asthma affects over 300 million people worldwide. Asthmatics experience difficulty in breathing and airflow obstruction caused by inflammation and constriction of the airways. Home monitoring of lung function is the preferred course of action to give physicians and asthma patients a chance to control the disease jointly. Thus, it is important to develop accurate and efficient asthma monitoring devices that are easy for patients to use.  We have proposed a user-friendly, accurate, and portable external mobile device accessory that collects respiratory flow information from patients after some breath maneuvers. We have also proposed a software application that records and stores the gathered test information and e-mails the results to a physician.

9.  ECG Data Acquisition system using labview

The main objective of this work is to develop a portable and cost effective data acquisition (DAQ) system for clinical applications. This DAQ consists of several modules such as power supply, analog to digital converter (ADC), amplifiers, isolators, filters and interfacing circuits. The complete data acquisition circuit has been developed using this system mainly aims to collect the ECG signals of frequency between 0.05 Hz and 113 Hz with desired gain. This frequency information from the ECG signal is highly useful clinical applications such as cardiovascular disease (CVD) detection. ECG signals will be collected from the subjects using 3 leads system and given to DAQ for recording the ECG signal.This DAQ interface is used to convert the input analog signal to digital signal output and to save the ECG data in the notebook using Labview software. This acquired signal from Labview software is used for further clinical investigation. We also developed a Graphical User Interface (GUI) in LabVIEW software to continuously monitor the ECG signal traces and to record the ECG data with higher precision.

Engineering Projects

IoT- Internet of Things based Projects

Schematics Microelectronics provides facility to students to come & develop their Projects by themselves with the help of our expert teams.

  • IOT Color Based Product Sorting Machine Project
  • IOT Garbage Monitoring With Weight Sensing
  • IOT Smart Energy Grid
  • IOT Asset tracking System
  • IOT Based ICU Patient Monitoring System
  • Biometric Attendance System Over IOT
  • IOT Gas Pipe Leakage Detector Insect Robot
  • IOT Irrigation Monitoring & Controller System
  • IOT Electronic Door Opener
  • IOT Home Automation Using nodemcu esp8266 wifi module
  • IOT Alcohol & Health Monitoring System
  • IOT Liquid Level Monitoring System
  • IOT Garbage Monitoring System
  • IOT Based Home Automation
  • IOT Based Office Automation
  • IOT Based Industry Automation
  • IOT Weather Reporting System
  • IOT Based Antenna Positioning System
  • IOT Based Fire Department Alerting System
  • IOT Solar Power Monitoring System
  • IOT Streetlight Controller System
  • IOT Traffic Signal Monitoring & Controller System
  • IOT Industry Automation Using GPRS
  • IOT Industry Automation Using GPRS
  • IOT Underground Cable Fault Detector Project
  • IOT Air & Sound Pollution Monitoring System
  • Energy Meter Monitoring Over IOT
  • IOT Color Based Product 
  • IOT Based Person/Wheelchair Fall Detection
  • IOT Patient Health Monitoring Project
  • IOT Heart Attack Detection & Heart Rate Monitor
  • IOT Based Toll Booth Manager System
  • IOT Theft Detection Using esp8266 wifi enabled smoke alarm,
  • WiFi Based Distributed IOT Home Automation,
  • smart lock,
  • Temperature monitoring using IOT ESP8266
  • Light Control using IOT
  • Robot Control using IOT,
  • IoT Healthcare Analytics: The Importance of Anomaly Detection
  • Effective ways to use Internet of Things in the field of medical and smart health care
  • A conceptual framework for IoT-based healthcare system using cloud computing
  • The Internet of Things in Healthcare: Potential Applications and Challenges
  • IoT based smart healthcare kit
  • Self-configuration and smart binding control on IoT applications

android app based projects

SME design Android based projects with real time hardware interfacing using bluetooth app. Students can directly interact to SME office for design their project.

  • Android App operated Robo Hand
  • Android app controlled robot
  • Android App controlled home automation
  • Android app controlled
  • App controlled car
  • Android App controlled robot for robowar
  • Android App controlled intensity of AC Bulb
  • Android App controlled speed of DC motor
  • Temperature monitoring on Android App
  • Android App controlled Direction of DC motor

Electrical Engineering projects

Electrical Projects for Engineering Students. These project are very innovative and based on recent technology. Students developed all the projects/ systems by their own her. If you feel any suggestion regarding Projects, feel free to contact us

  • GSM based substation monitoring & control system
  • Zigbee based solar powered fire detection & control system
  • Photovoltaic solar power generation with maximum power point tracking
  • Android based electrical appliances control system
  • DTMF based electrical appliances control system
  • PLC & SCADA based traffic control system
  • Automatic room light control using IR sensor
  • Home automation using arduino/ AVR microcontroller
  • Smart Card based prepaid energy meter,
  • Energy meter billing system over internet
  • Wireless 3 phase monitoring system,
  • Wireless power transfer
  • Wireless controlling of AC appliances to reduce power consumption
  • DC to DC boster for solar panel
  • 2 axis solar tracking system
  • Utilization of solar energy for irrigation system using water-pumping system
  • Configurable pass
  • word security system 
  • Load control using DTMF
  • Monthly electricity billing display with bill sms feature
  • Underground cable fault distance conveyed over GSM
  • Underground cable fault distance conveyed over zigbee
  • Underground cable fault distance conveyed over internet
  • AVR microcontroller/Arduino based DC motor speed control system
  • The temperature humidity monitoring system of soil based on wireless sensor network.
  • Automatic temperature controlled fan speed control system
  • Zigbee based automatic meter reading system
  • Prepaid energy meter with GSM interface
  • Solar powered highway-lightening system with auto controlling in day
  • LDR based intensity power saver for street light
  • Message transmission over AC lines
  • Dish positioning system using RF remote
  • DC motor speed control system suing RF Remote
  • Voice control home automation system


  • GSM based LPG leakage control surveillance
  • GSM based fire detection and control surveillance
  • GSM based LPG & fire detection and surveillance control
  • GSM + Keypad +RFID based military grade security system
  • GSM based vehicle tracking system
  • GSM based notice board
  • GSM based heartbeat monitoring system
  • GSM based appliance control
  • GSM based Energy meter with tampering alert
  • Automatic Measurement and Reporting System of Water Quality Based on GSM
  • Accident Identifier with Auto Dialing Option
  • Safe Driving Using Mobile Phone
  • GSM based Solar fencing system
  • GSM based school children security system
  • GSM based instantaneous vehicle registration details 
  • Extraction system very useful for Traffic police
  • Remote electrical billing using GSM modem
  • SMS based home appliances control
  • SMS based voting machine
  • SMS based DC/ Stepper motor control
  • SMS based home security system
  • SMS based anti theft system for Laptop/ vehicle
  • Interfacing of GSM mobile to PC to send the message
  • SMS based wireless robot
  • SMS controlled vehicle ignition system for safety


  • RFID based security system
  • RFID based identity card system
  • RFID +keypad based security system
  • RFID based attendance system with PC
  • RFID based blind navigation system with voice alert system
  • Construction of Central Control Unit for Irrigation water pumps. Cost effective method to control entire villager’s water pumps with user level authentication. Illiterate’s friendly system.
  • RFID based Ticket booking system
  • RFID Card based security access control systems.
  • RFID based digital library system and alerts
  • RFID based Highway toll collection
  • RFID based Shopping trolley
  • RFID based employee login system and identification display on PC.
  • RFID based automatic car parking system.
  • RFID based medical information system
  • RFID warehouse robot
  • RFID-Based Material Tracking Information System
  • RFID based ATM machine
  • RFID based Energy meter with recharge option
  • RFID based animal identification device for dairy forms
  • RFID based metro train prototype
  • RFID based automatic car parking
  • RFID based banking system
  • RFID based ration card


  • Finger print based Student attendance system
  • LPG Gas sensor based application system
  • Dual Security Access control system Using Finger Print and
  • Keypad for Bank Locker
  • Fire alarm system
  • Intelligent human being sensing system
  • Line flower robot
  • Obstacle based industrial application
  • Industrial Smoke alarm system
  • Temperature control AC fan speed control
  • Temperature based industrial automation control system
  • Water tank alarm system
  • A Microcontroller based Multi Function Solar Tracking System
  • Automatic Detection of Human and Energy Saving Based on Zigbee Communication
  • Design And Development of a Hand-Glove Controlled Wheel Chair (Wired)
  • Fingerprint Based Multi-Server Authentication System for highly secured areas
  • Development of system to avoid human intrusion in restricted areas
  • Development of a system to test Irrigation scheduling process
  • Development of automatic system to control water level for wide Agriculture area.
  • Development an energy saving scheme with Visitor counter & intensity controlling of AC Bulb
  • Design of a Medical Monitoring System for continuous monitoring of patients.
  • Design of a Heart Beat Monitoring System for patients.
  • Fingerprint based Employee Attendance Management System for Corporate
  • Accelerometer controlled ROBOT (Wired)
  • A Microcontroller based Multi Function Solar Tracking System
  • LPG monitoring system for oil and gas industries
  • Development Of Academic Attendance Monitoring System Using Fingerprint Identification
  • Tilt Measurement Unit Using Accelerometer
  • Real time hardware design on Application of Smart Parking System and its Technology
  • A Low Cost GPRS based Wireless Home Security System
  • Fingerprint Based Multi-Server Authentication System for highly secured areas
  • Voltage and current monitoring of Solar panels through ATMEGA 32 Industrial MCU
  • Human Tracking System using GPS.
  • A Low Cost GSM based Wireless Home Security System
  • Vehicle monitoring & Tracking System using GPS for safety & management


  • Real time hardware design of PLCC (Power line carrier communication) to transmit message in AC power line
  • Microcontroller based Wireless matchbox with digital lantern.
  • Accident identification project using RF.
  • Employee login and logout details with displayed on PC based on RF.
  • Wireless Industrial Temperature monitoring system using IRDA
  • Appliance control using Rx/Tx 433
  • Digital Lock System ZegBee Transceiver
  • Wireless data transmission using ZegBee in W/N network
  • Checking & Auto Control Water Level Using Wireless Sensor.
  • Wireless 3 Phase Motor Starter using RF Technology with feedback indicators.
  • Wireless energy meter data logging system
  • Speed checker on highway using RF module
  • Home automation using ZegBee
  • Automatic Car Parking System using Tx/ Rx
  • Wireless Land Sliding Detection
  • A 2.4-Ghz Energy-Efficient Transmitter for Wireless Medical Applications. 
  • A Forest Fire Monitoring System Based On ZigBee Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Wireless data equitation system using IRDA
  • Development of a system to wirelessly test Irrigation scheduling process
  • Bidirectional Medication Support System for Medical Staff and Home Care Patients
  • Design And Development of a wireless Hand-Glove Controlled Wheel Chair
  • Development an energy saving scheme with Wireless intensity controlling of AC Bulb
  • Development of a digital system for wirelessly checking soil moisture
  • Development of wireless weather station using IEEE 802.15.4 LAN standard protocol
  • Finding of missing object based on RF technology. 

Solar based projects for Engineering

  • IoT based Solar Battery Charger: IoT based solar battery charger is based on solar panel that generates energy from solar panel & update the level of battery in the Cloud.   The energy generated from the solar panel must charge battery & information in an appropriate way. So this implemented circuit regulates voltage and current to the battery with over voltage cutoff facility.


  • Zigbee based Telemetry with Solar Cell:Zigbee based Telemetry with solar cells is basically use Zigbee RF to transmit & receive informatory data of solar cell.


  • Arduino based load controlled Solar Charge Controller:Arduino based load controlled Solar Charge Controller  is Arduino based system that senses the voltages from solar panel and the battery.


  • Dual-Axis Solar Tracking :This project aims to track the sun and maximize the output produced by a solar panel using ATmel Micro controller. This uses a set of light depend resistors to detect the maximum light source location.


  • Flashlight Controlled Solar Powered Robotic vehicle:this project is based on ambient light sensitivity that control the solar powered robotic bot.


  • IoT informatory Wireless Solar Charger:This project shows a wireless solar charger that can charge the mobile phones & display the information on cloud mobile app.


  • IoT based Solar Based powered Water Quality Monitoring System :This project monitors the quality of water using solar powered underwater with the help of IoT- Internet of things. It provides time to time report of water quality like pH, oxygen level and turbidity to departments.


  • Cloud & WSN based Solar powered Forest Fire Detection system:As we know that due to lack of electricity in forest areas, it’s very typical to know the exact situation. There is no availability of electricity in forests & get to know the immediate information about the forest fire. so, this project is to overcome this problem using WSN & Cloud with microcontroller based circuit to detect the forest fires.


  • Solar Powered Wireless mobile charger:This project is based on renewable energy resource (solar penal) and wireless charger technology. Energy stored in battery that converted through Solar panels (light energy into electrical energy) and that energy transmitted wirelessly through electromagnetic waves.


  • Remote Operated Solar Powered Fans:This project is based on NEC/ RC5 remote that control the solar powered fans with the help of Atmel Microcontroller.


  • IoT Operated Solar Lantern:This project is cloud based mobile app that control the Solar powered lantern that utilize solar energy to charger battery which lights leds. This is very innovative lantern now a days.


  • IoT Operated Solar Powered Fans: This project is based on Cloud mobile app that can operate from anywhere, control solar powered fan that run through solar charged battery with the help of Atmel Microcontroller.


  • IoT monitoring Solar Battery Charger:This project the information of the charging of solar powered battery charger.


  • Solar Window Charger Circuit:The window charger proposed here can be used to charge a LI ion battery. It can stick to glass window by placing the panel outside the window and a usb cable can be used to charge the battery.


  • DIY Solar Boost Converter with MPPT Charge Controller:Here is a simple solar boost converter & voltage limiter that charges a 12V battery from a 6V solar panel.


  • Design & implementation of Solar Charger Circuit for Mobiles:This project aims to design a simple solar charger for mobiles by utilizing the solar energy from the sun. It uses simple regulator circuit with basic electronic components in order to supply the constant voltage to the battery.


  • Solar Charging Handbag with display:This project allows to charge your electronic gadgets like mobile phones etc. by a solar battery charger which is attached to the handbag or backpack.


  • IoT Controlled Solar-Powered Home appliances:This project is controlling of Home appliances like lights, fans etc through the IoT App.


  • Remote controlled solar powered energy efficient Led bulb for school/ college class room:This project is to making a circuit that operates the school’s class room led bulbs. These bulbs are energized through solar PV panel.


  • Solar powered automatic room light:This project is automated room light that energized through solar PV panel. The light are based on availability of the people. If there is no one inside the room, then light automatically switched off. light is switched on till someone is in room


  • Portable Solar Inverter:This project is compact solar powered inverter that’s small with portable capability.


  • IoT solar tracker with live feed to cloud:This project is IoT board  nuttyfi based a solar tracker with live data feed to cloud based thingspeak website.


  • Solar Panel Dual Management System:This project proposes an Iot based solar panel management system.Mainly the dust accumulation on the solar panel will reduce its efficiency,theft of soalr panels is also increasing these days.These two aspects were considered in this project.


  • Solar Energy Measurement System with IoT: This project is constantly measuring & uploading the live voltage & current of the solar cell parameters and upload to cloud server. This would done with the help of analog Current and voltage sensors with ADC.


  • IoT based Solar Water Heating System:This project design as per the increased requirements of solar water heater with cloud mobile app monitoring.


  • Solar Radio:This is the simple project where the radio is powered by a solar panel.


  • Solar panel cleaning robot to Producing of maximum energy:Many factors affect the solar panel from producing maximum energy. One of such factors I shadowing or dust on the panel. This project shows the designing of an embedded system for for dust removal on solar panel.


  • Electric energy management with Solar pump:This project is based on solar water pump that operates through battery. Battery is powered through solar panel. Its project is design two things to keep in mind   i.e how to keep the system sustainable to supply electrical load and sustainability to deliver energy perspective.


  • Monitoring of Remote Village electrification through renewable solar energy:This project is case study of making of electrification of the village using renewable solar energy.


  • Water Solar heater box:making of Solar heater with step by step procedure of building a solar heater box.


  • Automated Solar Light For A Portable Toilet:This project shows the circuit of solar light for portable toilet.


  • IoT based Solar Powered Compass :This project is making of solar powered compass based on Magnetic compass & update that on cloud.


  • Solar Powered Automatic water pump for Irrigation System:This proposed irrigation system is for remote areas of agriculture where water regulation is a big issue. This automated solar pump will resolve this issue.


  • Solar powered laser fence for security purpose:Laser fences are practical as well as economical solutions for maximized security production. This idea of the project helps the private sector where security is a major issue. This project uses solar panels to charge the batteries.


  • Portable Solar Powered Radio:This simple DIY project helps to build simple solar power circuit for operating the radio with use of small solar panel instead of replacing discharged batteries every time.


  • Solar powered data logger for solar plants:In this project, solar insulation levels and temperature levels are continuously measured by the respective sensor and stored in flash memory. This logged data can be useful for future analysis.


  • Wearable Solar Cap for cool guy:this is very useful project as it’s prevent the sunstroke and control the temperature by control the temperature using little fan on cap with small solar panel in order to supply the power to circuit.


  • Solar Chimney:Solar chimney is the best way to keep your society & house carbon free & clean. Until the sunlight availability, this chimney naturally keeps ventilation to fill the cold air inside of chimney.


  • Solar powered vacuum cleaner:This is a quality effective model of vacuum cleaner which utilizes solar panel to make an incomplete vacuum with a reason to suck the earth and soil particles.


  • Solar Powered Path Finding Vehicle:The fundamental thought of this test project is to uphold a heading path finder robot which finishes the ideal course turning away hindrances in that way.


  • Solar Powered Automated climate Control System for Cultivation in Green House:This is an advance system to control the climate like humidity, temperature gases etc that is required green house to fertilize the crop/ plants.


  • Solar Powered LED Street light with auto intensity control:Microcontroller based automatic intensity street control lights is energy saving schemes to reduce the energy consumption of street light for societies and colonies. Here in this project, an array of LEDs are used to represent the street lights. The intensity of the LEDs are controlled or varied after particular time intervals by providing varying duty cycle pulses PWM provided by the Light resistors that sense the surrounding lights. Solar penal DC power stored in the batteries is used to power the array of LEDs.


  • NEC/ RC5 protocol based fan speed control
  • NEC/ RC5 protocol based wireless bot
  • NEC/ RC5 protocol based light Automation 
  • NEC/ RC5 protocol based appliances control
  • NEC/ RC5 protocol based intensity control of AC Bulb 

Robotics Projects

  • Computer control robot
  • War robot
  • Gesture controlled robot
  • Robo-hand
  • Line flower robot
  • Mobile control robot
  • Remote operated robot
  • Obstacle avoider robot
  • Human robot
  • Human robot
  • Joystick control robot
  • Robotics Arm
  • Voice controlled robot
  • Fire detector Robot
  • Alcohol Detector Robot
  • Wall follower Robot
  • Mobile controlled robot for gathering real time sensory data & many more


  • Computer control robots with camera
  • Computer control Industrial automation
  • Computer controlled security System
  • Computer control Industrial motor
  • Computer control Robotics arm.
  • GPS based vehicle tracking system
  • Automatic ambulance rescue system
  • Creating Innovation with Systems Integration –Road and
  • Vehicle Integrated Electric Transportation System
  • GPS based sensitive area locator
  • GPS based station name display and door control
  • GPS based train location tracking system
  • Military persons training system that monitors the speed at which they move and records the calculated traveled distance with the time.
  • Human travel location tracking system by using GPS.
  • GPS based station name announcement and display system for Trains/buses.
  • GPS based border alert system for fishermen with boat speedometer.
  • Automated bus-stop alert for passengers using GPS.


  • MATLAB GUI controlled Home/Industrial Automation
  • Heart beat signal monitoring on PC using MATLAB.
  • Solar Panel voltage information on PC with graph using MATLAB
  • Energy Meter using MATLAB. 
  • Industrial stepper motor control using MATLAB.
  • Real Time Data Processing using MATLAB
  • LPG monitoring System
  • Power Distribution system


  • Voice to Text translator in Airlines/Hospital assistant system for Blind/Illiterates.
  • Speech recognition based password enabled device switching for blind and physically Challenged.
  • Voice commands based wheel chair for physically challenged.
  • Voice activated multi-purpose robot
  • Speech recognition system based powered devices control System


  • A multi agent multi sensor based security system for intelligent building
  • Automatic LDR based window blind control system
  • Solar Tracking Street Light System
  • Call Based Home Appliance Controller
  • DTMF controlled soil-moisture sensor.
  • Safety implementation for 3-phase irrigation motor using Soil-moisture sensor
  • Density Traffic Controlling using IR module
  • Temperature monitoring system with controlling fan appliances
  • Traffic Control using 2.4 Ghz Transceiver Module
  • WSN based appliances control in Industry
  • DTMF based appliances control.
  • DTMF based Fan speed control

If you have any idea to make your project,
you can share to us,
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