How to Fix Errors in New Blynk Program, IoT App & Server

Hello Guys, Stuck in the problem with New Blynk IoT errors? We have specially made this post specially for those guys, who are facing problems with New Blynk. Here is the list of the common problems or can say errors:- Header files error Error in compiling, BlynkEdgent.h: No such file or directory Can’t find preferences.h […]

DHT11 Sensor Data to Blynk2.0 IoT Cloud- Humidity & Temperature

Here we will explain you, how you can send DHT11 sensor data to the All new blynk 2.0 cloud. So we need the following components to make this project- NodeMCU/ NuttyFi Wifi Module DHT11 Sensor 3 female to female connecting wires Circuit diagram of DHT11 connections with Nuttyfi Wifi development board. Where orange color wire […]

How to start with Blynk 2.0- with Web & Mobile Dashboard- LED control

If you are new in Blynk2.0, then you are in the right post. in this post you will learn, how to start with All new Blynk2.0 with Web and Mobile Dashboard. Also, you will get to learn about: How to create a template Data Stream Web dashboard How to add a new device in all […]