IoT with Customization Internship'23

Are you looking to gain hands-on experience in the exciting field of the Internet of Things (IoT)? Look no further than SME’s summer internship program! Our program focuses on the “Practical Applicability of IoT through Customization” offering interns the opportunity to work on live projects that are in high demand for future developments.

As an intern in our program, you will have the chance to gain valuable skills and knowledge related to the IoT industry. You’ll work with various hardware kits, drivers, actuators, gears, sensors, controls, and displays, gaining practical experience with customization and implementation of IoT solutions.

At SME, we’re committed to providing a challenging and rewarding internship experience that will help you develop your skills and knowledge in this exciting field. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain practical experience in the growing field of IoT.


  • 4 weeks
  • 6 weeks

Fee ₹8,500.00


  • Enthusiasm to learn the live hardware and software
  • Keenly interested to work on IoT- Internet of things
  • Ready to drive industry ready projects in industry platform
  • Want to join online/ offline internship
  • Have relevant skills and interests
  • Certificate
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Deserving Candidate will get Job Offer.


This Internship program is specially for students as well as working professionals, who are curious about transitioning into the IoT- Internet of Things/ embedded systems industry/ Skills, including electronics Engineers, hardware/ software engineers, computer engineers, mechanical engineers, communications and networking engineers, control systems engineers and other specialized professionals included in embedded system design and development.

What will you achieve

  • Gain essential knowledge of embedded system, Testing and Programming
  •  Learn how to design embedded board 
  • Learn how to program an embedded board
  • Increase the understanding of programming in embedded system
  • Explore the latest embedded skills 
  •  Become proficient in programmable logic design and analysis
  • Interfacing sensor with embedded board
  • Exploring of Internet of Things (IoT) with Wifi/ GSM/ RF

Training on Wi-Fi ESP12E 8266 Series of Development Board like NUTTYFI, NodeMCU, Customized IOT Boards etc with live interfacing with hardware

  1. Arduino IDE
  2. Proteus professional Simulator
  3. USB Programmer Software
Hardware USEd
  1. Customized Amega328 Board Kit
  2. ESP12E wifi Hardware Kit
Internship type
  • Paid


  • Introduction to Embedded System, AVR Series Micro-Controllers & Arduino, Drivers & Software Installation
  • Interfacing of LED
  • Introduction to the Motor and Driver
  • Motor driver L293D IC & Its Need
  • Controlling Direction of Rotation of a Motor
  • Interfacing of the switch/ button
  • Led control through switch
  • LCD Interfacing
  • Displaying & Scrolling Text on LCD
  • Introduction to digital sensors & its usage
  • Introduction to IR Sensor
  • Detection and mapping of IR with customized boards
  • Controlling of led using IR
  • Interfacing with Obstacle Detection Sensor
  • Introduction to Fire sensor
  • Data mapping with fire sensor and alert
  • Introduction to actuator
  • Controlling of the actuator with switch
  • Toggle and control AC appliance
  • Introduction to analog sensors
  • Data mapping with POT with customized board
  • Introduction to DHT11 sensor
  • Humidity & Temperature data mapping with customized board
  • Introduction to the Soil Sensor
  • Calibration and Data mapping soil sensor with customized board
  • Introduction to IoT- Internet of Things
  • Cloud web dashboard and Mobile Application of IoT
  • Humidity and Temperature sensor interfacing with Blynk cloud
  • Soil sensor interfacing with cloud app
  • Rain sensor interfacing with cloud app
  • Controlling of the AC appliance with cloud app

Major projects:

  • Touch-less based Doorbell through ultrasonic sensor
  • Home Automation using Wireless connectivity and cloud server
  • To develop an IoT based intelligent system to access real time information with feedback of the Street Lights
  • Automatic Motor Control installed in the agriculture field
  • Forest fire monitoring and event logging based on Cloud Monitoring

During the end of the intern will have to choose and implement one of the above or any relevant project to qualify for the internship certificate.

Fee ₹8,500.00