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Summer internship is here in IoT by an Industry Experts. This is great opportunity, Let’s grab it.

Fee ₹2000 Onwords*

Fee ₹4500 Onwords*


This Internship program is specially for students as well as working professionals, who are curious about transitioning into the IoT- Internet of Things/ embedded systems industry/ Skills, including electronics Engineers, hardware/ software engineers, computer engineers, mechanical engineers, communications and networking engineers, control systems engineers and other specialized professionals included in embedded system design and development.


  • Gain essential knowledge of embedded system, Testing and Programming
  •  Learn how to design embedded board 
  • Learn how to program an embedded board
  • Increase the understanding of programming in embedded system
  • Explore the latest embedded skills 
  •  Become proficient in programmable logic design and analysis
  • Interfacing sensor with embedded board
  • Exploring of Internet of Things (IoT) with Wifi/ GSM/ RF

Training on Wi-Fi ESP12E 8266 Series of Development Board like NUTTYFI, NodeMCU, Customized IOT Boards etc with live interfacing with hardware

  1. Arduino IDE
  2. Proteus professional Simulator
  3. USB Programmer Software
Hardware USEd
  1. Customized Amega328 Board Kit
  2. ESP12E wifi Hardware Kit
Internship type
  • Paid


Internship has 2 major parts:

  • Introduction to Atmega328 Microcontroller & its pin

  • Introduction to Embedded C, Compiler

  • Introduction to Digital Registers of Microcontrollers

  • Introduction to Input & Output devices

  • Designing of Arduino in General size PCB hardware 

  • First program with Arduino IDE in Embedded C, Compiling & debugging with Arduino IDE

  • Software Testing: Testing of first program with Simulator & glowing LED

  • Introduction to delay of microcontroller/ Arduino

  • Toggling of LED with Simulator & Hardware

  • LED pattern with 8 LEDs

  • Traffic light

  • 7 Segment (FND) with number display

  • interfacing of LCD 16×2 Display with Arduino

  • Library inheritance of LCD with Arduino

  • Display string & integer in LCD display

  • Interfacing with LEC, LCD, 7 segment with LCD

  • Introduction to geared DC motor

  • Interfacing of DC motor with Arduino

  • Introduction to motor driver L293D

  • Interfacing of L293D with motor & Arduino

  • Study & interfacing of Input to Arduino

  • Interfacing of Button/ Switch (Input) with Arduino 

  • Led toggling using switch

  • Switch, lcd & led interfacing with Arduino

  • Relay interfacing with Arduino

  • AC Appliance control (AC Bulb) using relay & Arduino

  • Controlling of AC appliance using Switch & relay

  • Live hardware interfacing of DHT11 to measure the environmental  temperature & humidity and related projects

  • PWM POT Interfacing to control Output devices and projects

    ADXL Accelerometer/ Tilt sensor/ Gyro Sensor Live interfacing and based project

  • Interfacing of Fire sensor and live projects

  • Interfacing with vibration sensor sensitivity and live projects
  • Introduction to the Internet of Things
    • The Internet of Things
    • The Basics of Sensors & Actuators
    • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • The Nuttyfi NodeMCU 8266 Platform
    • The Nuttyfi Open-Microcontroller Platform
    • Nuttyfi Programming Basics
    • Nuttyfi Board Layout & Architecture
    • Reading from Sensors
  • Programming fundamentals ( Embedded C language )
  • Installation of Nuttyfi Board to Arduino IDE
  • Nuttyfi Programming & Interface of Sensors
    • interfacing Led with nuttyfi
    • Interfacing sensors with Nuttyfi
    • Programming Nuttyfi
    • Reading from Sensors
  • Configuring WiFi
  • Introduction to IFTTT
  • Project 1: Led control using Nuttyfi
  • Project 2: Voice Controlled Mini Home Automation using Android/IOS Smartphone
  • Project 3: Control Devices using Localhost Web Server for Home Automation
  • Project 4: Send Voltage & Analog Data on Cloud Server
  • Cloud Computing
    • Communicating with the Cloud using Thingspeak Web Services .
    • Cloud Computing & IoT.
    • Popular Cloud Computing Services for Sensor Management.
    • Introduction to BLYNK IoT Mobile app
    • Customization of Blynk app
    • Uploading & Display of Sensor data to Blynk App
    • Controlling of Digital Devices through Blynk
    • Two way communication between Nuttyfi & Blynk App
  • Project 5: Use Nuttyfi to Upload & Plotting data from Environmental Sensors to Cloud Server ThingSpeak.
  • Project 6: Control Electronic Devices from anywhere across the world using Internet & Blynk Mobile App.
  • Project 7: Data acquisition & control system using Blynk App
  • Enthusiasm to learn the live hardware and software
  • Keenly interested to work on IoT- Internet of things
  • Ready to drive industry ready projects in industry platform
  • Want to join online/ offline internship
  • Have relevant skills and interests

Certificate Letter of recommendation and deserving candidate will get Job offer.

  • 6 weeks (for Offline)
  • 4 weeks (for Online)

Fee ₹2000 Onwords*

Fee ₹4500 Onwords*